Nova Scotia

Immigrant Employment Councils and Networks

Immigrant Employment Councils (IECs) bring together local stakeholders to address the many challenges of integrating skilled immigrants into the labour market. IECs connect skilled immigrants to local employers with the support of other community, educational and government organizations.

Halifax: Greater Halifax Partnership (GHP)

Government Portals

Nova Scotia Immigration
The official website of Nova Scotia Immigration has an employer section with resources for employers looking to hire immigrants in the province.

Community Resources

Immigrant Settlement & Integration Services
The website for the immigrant-serving agency has a section devoted to employers looking to tap into the pool of immigrant talent in Nova Scotia.

Settlement Roadmap – Nova Scotia
A searchable database of immigrant services (including settlement, languages and employment) in each province.

The Working in Canada Tool, created by the federal government, provides information on job descriptions, wages, skill requirements, language training and job opportunities based on occupation and location.