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One-Year Retention Rates of Immigrants

Examining provincial nominee programs and comparing retention rates of immigrants in these programs to those of federal economic class immigrants.

Foreign-Trained Immigrants Less Likely to Work in Regulated Occupations

Foreign-educated immigrants with fields of study that typically lead to regulated professions were less likely to work in these professions compared to the Canadian-born.

Why Employers Hire Skilled Immigrants

Immigrants help companies diversify their global client base and target local cultural communities to find new business, finds poll.

Employer Reports

Employer Guide to Hiring Newcomers: Information & Resources

Canada is welcoming thousands of Syrian refugees who are job-ready and looking for their first Canadian employment opportunity. This guide provides a glimpse into their skills and educational background as well as practical tips and easy-to-use resources to help employers […]

Supplier Diversity in Canada report by the CCDI

Building on landmark supplier diversity research published in 2012, a new report by the CCDI examines the state of supplier diversity across Canada in both public and private sector organizations.

Discrimination on the Training Market: Extent, Causes and Recommended Actions

Bias in hiring is a problem without borders. In Germany’s job market, candidates with a German name have to submit an average of five applications while a fellow applicant with a Turkish name has to send seven.