Unconscious Bias in Resume Screening

This course focuses on understanding cultural differences in resumé style and content to help you create an action plan for inclusive resume screening.

Skilled immigrants’ resumes often look different than traditional “Canadian” resumés. It’s important to look beyond these cultural differences to find the essential information you need to assess a candidate’s skills and experiences.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe how cultural differences can influence how resumés are presented and screened
  • Understand the implications of these differences on the recruitment and selection process
  • Be able to create an action plan for inclusive resumé screening

Length: about 30 minutes

You can register for this free online e-learning module through the TRIEC Campus, an online learning hub offering complimentary, self-paced resources designed to advance effective recruitment, selection and talent management practices to further the inclusion of skilled immigrants in the workplace. You will first need to create an account and then you can register for the course.

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