Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier

The Ontario Human Rights Commission offers a free eLearning course on removing the “Canadian experience” barrier in employment, and rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

In this 3-part eLearning course, you will learn:

  • When the “Canadian Experience” barrier is discriminatory
  • What constitutes a legitimate employment requirement
  • How to meet your organizational responsibility under the Code
  • What to do if you experience discrimination

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Additional resources:

[UPDATE] Understanding Biases to Overcome Them

We now know that for many employers, Canadian Experience really means ‘soft skills’; overlooking an internationally trained and experienced candidate is not because they lack the technical skills, but they are perceived to lack Canadian cross-cultural skills that employers value.

Employer & HR Tips:

  • Word job add correctly: Be specific about the skills the job requires, and don’t list qualifications that can only be obtained in Canada. For example, an accounting firm can request that it required a designated accountant, rather than demand that applicants should have accreditation from a local regulatory body.
  • Recognize your own bias when assessing a candidate for “fit” into the workplace. Many qualified immigrants overlooked because they do not “fit” the workplace culture. Examine how you determine “fit” and check your unconscious bias that stands between you and asset to your business.
  • Clearly identify what are workplace culture norms and values that you perceive as potential barriers for the prospective candidate and whether they impact your decision making process. And then deconstruct them.
  • Develop a plan, create learning opportunities and invest in workplace workshops that disrupt these hard-to-identify hiring bias practices.

Magnet, Ryerson University in partnership with Hire Immigrants produced this article. The article is made possible with the funding from the Government of Ontario.

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