Employer E-learning Courses

Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier

The Ontario Human Rights Commission offers a free eLearning course on removing the “Canadian experience” barrier in employment, and rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Culture and Workplace Interactions

This course presents strategies to help you successfully integrate, engage and manage performance in a culturally diverse workplace.

Cultural Influences on Leadership

This course covers leadership and building cultural competency to help you improve your working relationships both as a leader and team member.

Unconscious Bias in Resume Screening

This course focuses on understanding cultural differences in resumé style and content to help you create an action plan for inclusive resume screening.

Understanding Cultural Competence

This course focuses on raising awareness about cultural differences and how they influence personal beliefs and interpersonal interactions to develop cultural competency.

Performance Management

This course examines the role of cultural norms in performance management and leadership.

Inclusive Employee Onboarding

This course focuses identifying strategies for creating culturally inclusive onboarding practices to boost employee engagement and performance.

Cross Cultural Communication in the Workplace

This course focuses primarily on communication challenges that can arise when orienting, onboarding and developing new talent.

Inclusive Interviewing

This courses focuses on understanding cultural differences and how to minimize the impact of cultural biases during interviews.