Setting expectations — from responsibilities, duties and office culture to performance monitoring and talent development — is the best way to begin your new employee relationship on the right foot.

Cultural Competence & Diversity Management

In this article Adeeco talks to TRIEC’s Rose DeVerya about steps Canadian employers can take to transform their organization’s culture and talent management practices in ways that work across cultural differences.

Diversify Your Team: Looking Beyond Recruitment

Law firm Stikeman Elliot recognizes the value of hiring a diverse staff but they also realize the need to also invest, mentor and engage these new staff members to develop a productive working atmosphere.

Tips for Onboarding Skilled Immigrants

Jill Chesley of the Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council talks about the steps you can take to ensure a new employee will succeed in your organization.

Setting Expectations Goes a Long Way

Set expectations, including job responsibilities, duties and talent development right from the beginning to ensure a new hire’s success.

Make Mentoring Part of New Employee Orientation

Consider developing an internal mentoring program to support new employees, including skilled immigrants, in their adjustment to the workplace.

Orientation Helps New Employees Succeed Faster

Outlining expectations and providing cross-cultural training for new employees will strengthen your entire organization.