Your level of immigrant-readiness is no more evident than in an interview, when you are interacting with a skilled immigrant, talking to them face-to-face and evaluating their prospects for employment in your organization.

Diverse recruitment: Tips for Inclusive Recruitment & Interviewing

Establishing inclusive recruitment practices is an important step to reach the broadest talent pool.

Hack the hiring process to reap diversity’s bottom-line benefits

Employers may understand why it is key to hiring immigrants but they may not necessarily understand the how. Ratna Omidvar of the Global Diversity Exchange provides some easy and lost cost strategies to make your hiring more effective.

Look out for Hidden ‘Mediterranean’ Noses

Dr. Mahzarin Banaji of Harvard University explains that we often underestimate the degree of influence our unconscious biases have on decision-making.

Canadian Work Experience Is Important And This Is Why

This article examines Canadian work experience and provides practical advice to employers on how they can hire more effectively.

Anonymous Job Applications: The Next Step Towards Bias-Free Hiring

This article looks at evidence of subconscious bias in hiring and what employers around the world are doing to circumvent these biases.

Tips for Effective Cross-Cultural Interviewing

Looking to hire? How do you avoid missing out on great talent?

End the Call for ‘Canadian Experience’

Ontario Human Rights Commission makes right move in putting onus on employers to prove it’s a bona fide occupational requirement.

Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier

Ratna Omidvar of Maytree comments on the new Ontario Human Rights Commission policy addresses the issue of employers requiring “Canadian experience” which can create barriers for newcomers looking for jobs or professional accreditation.

York Region Ensures Effective Hiring with Foreign Credential Process Guide

Implementing an effective hiring process leading to decisions based on merit and inclusive to all candidates.

The Top Five Ways for an Employer to Leverage International Talent

The Waterloo Immigration Partnership provides useful tips on how you can maximize immigrant talent.

Skilled Immigrants Give Metro Labs A Competitive Advantage

Metro Testing Laboratories uses innovative recruiting and training techniques to grow their company.

Promoting Diversity in the Office: Tips for Bias-free Hiring

While many organizations may have the goal of creating diverse workplaces through bias-free hiring, they may not have implemented the many elements needed to achieve this goal.

What You Can and Can’t Ask In an Interview

Country of origin is a protected characteristic under human rights legislation, which means employers can’t ask questions about a candidate’s nationality or immigration status during the recruitment process.

Cross-Cultural Interviewing Tips and Tools

Skilled immigrants come from many different cultures and backgrounds. Learn about common cultural behaviours and download tools to help you better screen and interview skilled immigrants.

Reducing Bias

Personal biases can unwittingly creep into an interview but there are ways to reduce this risk.

Coordinating or Conducting Interviews by Phone

When arranging or conducting an interview with a skilled immigrant by phone, there are even greater opportunities for cross-cultural differences to lead to misunderstanding.

Overcoming Cross-Cultural Barriers During Interviews

Being aware of culture-based differences in communication can help you evaluate skilled immigrant candidates more objectively during the interview.