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“Diversity and Entrepreneurship” Keynote Speech (transcript) by Kirk Dudtschak, RBC Royal Bank

Canada’s largest employer, RBC Royal Bank, sees diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. Why? Kirk Dudtschak, Executive Vice President, Personal & Commercial Banking, RBC Royal Bank, explains in a keynote speech delivered at the 8th Annual Conference for the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University.

Estate Planning

You need to ask yourself an important question: Who should inherit your business?

Succession Planning

If done properly, succession planning is not a one-time exercise, but should be an ongoing process that is regularly updated and amended as circumstances change.

Financial Planning

Exiting your business may involve a management buy-out, family succession or the sale of the business. Regardless, financing of the change of ownership correctly is crucial.

Expanding Your Network

Developing new business contacts and connections can help entrepreneurs open doors. Networking is about creating a community of support where people can learn from each other.

Raising Capital for Expansion

The decision to expand is often followed by the need for access to capital which can be obtained from financing or liquidating assets. Both options favour sound business operations.

Updating Business Plans

The decision to grow your business will typically follow a consecutive number of successful or profitable years, proving there is demand for your product or service. To ensure your readiness for expansion, you will need to update your original Business Plan.

Board and Governance

An important task is finding the right people to lead. The right time to create a board is before the end of the start-up phase.

Finance and Taxation

Connect Legal suggests you “contact your local city government office to find out the kind of business that is permitted at your location and whether there are any restrictions. Understand the taxes (e.g. sales taxes, employee-related taxes, such as payroll […]

Managing Cash Flow

Managing cash flow is challenging but it’s an important element of running a business successfully.

Government and Organizational Support

There’s a lot of support available to new business start-ups. Talk to advisors early in the process of starting your business and get their advice.

Protecting You, Your Business and Products

Protect your business name and reputation. Consider business insurance.

Raising Capital

Financing is the big question for many people who want to start a business. Good business planning will help your chances of getting financing.

Getting Started

Are you an immigrant and an entrepreneur? There are many steps to take, rules and regulations to follow, and supports available to help you start your business.

Toronto is diverse but not as inclusive as it could be

Toronto exemplifies multiculturalism, but struggles with inclusion and equality of opportunity.

TRIEC Thanks RBC and Gordon Nixon

As chair of TRIEC, RBC’s CEO Gordon Nixon has been a champion of immigrant inclusion in the workforce.

emergiTEL – 2013 RBC Immigrant Success Awards Winner

Telecommunications and IT recruitment agency works closely with candidates to position their skills so employers can clearly see how they meet their needs.

A 10-year Record of Immigrant Success

Toronto immigrant jobs council finds much success, but much work remains.

Diversity and Immigration – Important Parts of Canada’s Past, Present and Future

Gord Nixon, President and CEO of RBC talks about the importance of immigration to Canada’s identity and economy, and how we must move beyond diversity to inclusion to leverage our individual and collective strengths.

Ask the Expert – Unlocking Potential: From Underperformer to Asset

What interventions can be made to support immigrant talent in performing better especially due to cultural barriers?

Celebrating Canada’s Best Diversity Employers

Competition recognizes employers for creating a more inclusive workplace including developing and implementing various programs and HR strategies to better manage skilled immigrant talent.

Moving Past Diversity: RBC’s Journey to Rid its Upper Ranks of ‘Unconscious Bias’

Zabeen Hirji talks about how RBC is teaching its leaders to overcome unconscious bias; how it’s fostering diversity through processes versus organic evolution and how it reconciles those processes with regulatory requirements.

Outsmarting our Brains: A Report by RBC and Ernst and Young

Business leaders need to overcome their hidden biases to be more competitive.

Making Connections – Halifax Regional Municipality and Greater Halifax Partnership

Business needs talent. Talent needs opportunity. A networking program completes the equation.

RBC Career Bridge Associate Program

Program support RBC’s small and medium-sized GTA-based business clients in connecting with high-potential, internationally qualified candidates to fit their employment needs.

Award-Winning Employers Help Newcomers Overcome Employment Barriers

Seven of the 2012 Best Employers for New Canadians work with Bow Valley College in Calgary to provide work placements to newcomers.

Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusion (Guest Column)

Diversity is finding and hiring, while inclusion is about retention, loyalty and growth — getting it right means more growth, higher profits and better ideas, says Maytree’s Ratna Omidvar.

Reducing Bias

Personal biases can unwittingly creep into an interview but there are ways to reduce this risk.

Create an Inclusive Recruitment Strategy

A recruitment philosophy that focuses on skills, as opposed to country of origin, leads to a concrete policy that guides your organization’s recruitment efforts.