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Smart business: Two ideas to tap into newcomer markets

To boost a company's productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Three Ideas to Gain a Competitive Edge this Summer

Reflect on what some companies are doing to attract and retain the best talent.

Three Steps to Start a Successful Employee Resource Group

Groups foster personal and professional development.

Overcoming Biases to Succeed

Tips to minimize the negative impacts of hidden biases in managing immigrant talent.

Adding Value to Paid Internships

Providing added-value supports to an intern's experience benefits everyone.

Making Paid Internships Work For You

If you are considering hiring paid interns, keep in mind the following ideas.

Low Risk, Big Return: Using Paid Internships to Recruit Skilled Immigrant Talent

Learn how internships for skilled immigrants can help with immediate staffing needs.

Turning Cultural Differences into an Advantage

Tips on how to overcome the risks of linking workplace challenges to culture.

Religious Accommodation Improves Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Understand how to create and implement a religious accommodation policy in your workplace to meet legal requirements and also to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Effectively Managing Religious Accommodation in the Workplace

Employers have a legal mandate to accommodate religious practices and observances in the workplace, but they should also see it as good human resource management.

Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace

An employer has a legal duty to accommodate religious observances and needs of their employees and implement reasonable accommodation.

How Do You Find Immigrant Talent?

Canada’s immigration system is changing rapidly. These changes will affect the future labour pool and who you hire. One thing that will remain the same in hiring practices is looking at the ready and available talent pool here in Canada.

Unpacking Changes to Immigration Policy – How They Affect the Future Labour Pool

Among others, the federal government has made or proposed the following changes to the Canadian immigration system that could affect the future labour pool.

Canada’s Changing Immigration Policies – What Employers Need to Know

Learn more about the changes to Canada's immigration system and how they may affect your company's human resources strategy.