September 5, 2011

Enhance Retention Through Promotion and Recognition

Seeing a clear path to promotion is one way to increase employee retention. Many Canadian employers are used to employees taking charge of their own career development but in many cultures, it is customary for employees to wait for an invitation for promotion.

To ensure these employees have the same access to career advancement, and thus remain engaged with your organization, there are ways for managers to be proactive and encourage skilled immigrants to apply for suitable opportunities:

  • Show an interest in the employee’s career growth and invite more ongoing dialogue about learning needs, skill development and future career goals.
  • Identify high potential employees that include skilled immigrants and develop them for expanded or more senior roles in the future.
  • Identify lateral employment opportunities to help skilled immigrants tap unused skill sets and develop new skills with a different part of the organization.

There are a number of other ways to ensure employees remain committed to your organization even when new jobs and monetary rewards are not available.

One of these is to provide regular recognition and appreciation for hard work. Taking time to acknowledge efforts publicly can be just as powerful as providing monetary-based bonuses.

Additional Resources

  • Cost of Hiring Calculator: This calculator will assist you in capturing all relevant direct and indirect costs of hiring a new employee. Once you have completed the calculator, you’ll be able to see how enhancing retention can significantly reduce your costs.
  • Guide to Succession Planning: Succession planning enables organizations to grow talent by aligning employees with potential future vacancies. This guide outlines the typical steps in the selection planning process.
  • Succession Planning Position Template: This template allows you to track employees’ development and readiness for senior roles.

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