Hire Immigrants Report: Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Canada

A scan of the experience of Canadian immigrant entrepreneurs, and policy and programs for encouraging immigrant business.

Transnational Entrepreneurship: Q&A with Howard Lin

Cross-border activities increase “brain circulation.” For countries like Canada that see poor performance on innovation, and particularly on commercialization, transnational entrepreneurs present a unique opportunity.

Canada’s Start-Up Visa: Build-Measure-Learn

Can a government work like and with the private start-up sector to jump-start immigrant entrepreneurship, attract the “best and brightest” international entrepreneurs …

Why wait for government? Unshackling immigrant entrepreneurs

UnShackled wants to extend opportunities to all entrepreneurs in the United States, including immigrants on work-visas who want to start companies without waiting for permanent residency. For some immigrant entrepreneurs, UnShackled may be the funding and stabilizing bridge they need to bring their ideas to life in the United States.

Participatory Planning Moves from Shut-Downs to Start-Ups

Natural entrepreneurs can be found in informal and marginalized communities. Recognizing and working with them, instead of penalizing them for entrepreneurial activities can revitalize a community.

More Than Money: Competitions and Awards Boost Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Competitions or awards spark new ideas, encourage innovation and reach new audiences within the sector.

Micro Loans as Start-up Finance for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Access to capital is a common challenge faced by immigrant entrepreneurs. Micro loan models are popping up as a solution.

Cities Help Deliver the Immigrant Entrepreneur Value Proposition

How do cities re-charge their economic engines and stay competitive in a globalized economy? Embracing immigrant entrepreneurs and immigrant-owned small businesses leads to better outcomes not only for newcomers, but for cities themselves.

Entrepreneurship Starts at Home: How Research Can Inform Policy

The Kauffman Foundation’s Jason Wiens explains why the unique influences of location necessitate policy engagement with municipal leaders so that mayors are equipped with data and research-backed ideas to support entrepreneurs.

New Direction: Entrepreneurship

There is a growing body of knowledge on the value of immigrant entrepreneurship but also on the barriers faced by newcomers with a business idea. Along with the problems, there are solutions – found from immigration policy to local government support to targeted capital funds to entrepreneur mentoring programs. Here’s what we want to know.