July 2, 2011

Moving Forward

You have already begun to recruit, hire and integrate skilled talent into your organization. Now you’re ready to step up and go to the next level. This website was created with you in mind. You’ll find the information and tools you need to improve your recruitment and diversity management processes to ensure skilled immigrants are fully engaged and contributing to your organization.

Even though you know the business case for hiring skilled immigrants, you might still need to get buy in from other managers or senior executives in the organization. The Business Case section contains articles on why organizations should hire skilled immigrants and the Making the Case section has quick facts and ready-to-use presentations to help you make your case.

The Build Awareness and Leadership section helps you understand where your organization’s strengths and weaknesses are and suggests how to improve while building leadership support.

In Recruit and Select you will find articles on how to find skilled immigrant talent, write a bias-free job ad, screen and interview candidates and orient new hires .

But finding and hiring skilled immigrant employees is only the beginning. The Managing a Diverse Workforce section has articles on talent management, such as providing development and promotion opportunities, to ensure the organization is maximizing immigrant employees’ skills and experiences. Managers of a diverse workforce also have a responsibility to treat all employees equitably and provide accommodation as required.

Along the way, you will find related content in the sidebar on the right, suggesting other articles, videos, webinars, or reports that will add to your knowledge. You can also find resources in your community to help you maximize skilled immigrant talent.

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