Enhance Skills

Enhance Skills

Many skilled immigrants have management experience but require training on Canadian laws, regulations and workplace norms. Providing this Canadian context can greatly maximize their management potential and is a valuable strategic investment.

Enhancing Immigrants’ Essential ‘Soft’ Skills – a win-win solution

Virtually every job requires competencies in nine essential skills. Do you know what they are? Learn about the tools and resources available to employers to assess and support essential “soft skills” among employees, including new immigrants.

Ask the Expert – Unlocking Potential: From Underperformer to Asset

What interventions can be made to support immigrant talent in performing better especially due to cultural barriers?

Work and Culture

Interactive online learning helps skilled immigrants and employers understand the role of culture at work so that everyone benefits.

Bridging the Gap Between Skills and Culture

Program provides skilled immigrants with the soft skills needed to advance their careers.

Technology and Innovation in Talent Management

Highlighting the work of two Alberta employers who have used technology and innovative approaches to address the challenges of talent acquisition, retention and talent management.

Unlocking Potential: From Underperformer to Asset

Hiring a skilled immigrant may result in under performance without explanation. Business Edge enables and empowers skilled immigrants to move back into jobs where they can fully utilize their skills, education and professional experience.

Diversify Your Team: Looking Beyond Recruitment

Law firm Stikeman Elliot recognizes the value of hiring a diverse staff but they also realize the need to also invest, mentor and engage these new staff members to develop a productive working atmosphere.

The Top Five Ways for an Employer to Leverage International Talent

The Waterloo Immigration Partnership provides useful tips on how you can maximize immigrant talent.

Making Connections – Halifax Regional Municipality and Greater Halifax Partnership

Business needs talent. Talent needs opportunity. A networking program completes the equation.

Know your Workforce: Using Data Strategically for Inclusion & Organizational Excellence

In this article, Hire Immigrants Ottawa explains the importance of measuring diversity programs to improve your organization’s talent management processes.

Strengthening Teamwork and Building More Effective Service Delivery – The City of Edmonton

City’s Canadian Workplace Culture project develops staff’s communication skills to be more effective in their jobs.

Enhance Skilled Immigrants’ Essential ‘Soft’ Skills to Boost Success

Resources that build on essential skills, such as communication and teamwork, can help you make the most of the technical skills your skilled immigrants already possess.

Specialized Language Training

Language training can help skilled immigrant employees contribute more to your organization.

Development Opportunities Boost Engagement and Performance

Consider skills development initiatives that provide a Canadian context and help skilled immigrants grow their careers with your organization.