Protecting You, Your Business and Products (Article)

Protect your business name and reputation. Consider business insurance.

Raising Capital (Article)

Financing is the big question for many people who want to start a business. Good business planning will help your chances of getting financing.

Getting Started (Article)

Are you an immigrant and an entrepreneur? There are many steps to take, rules and regulations to follow, and supports available to help you start your business.

Participatory Planning Moves from Shut-Downs to Start-Ups (Article)

Natural entrepreneurs can be found in informal and marginalized communities. Recognizing and working with them, instead of penalizing them for entrepreneurial activities can revitalize a community.

Micro Loans as Start-up Finance for Immigrant Entrepreneurs (Article)

Access to capital is a common challenge faced by immigrant entrepreneurs. Micro loan models are popping up as a solution.

Cities Help Deliver the Immigrant Entrepreneur Value Proposition (Article)

How do cities re-charge their economic engines and stay competitive in a globalized economy? Embracing immigrant entrepreneurs and immigrant-owned small businesses leads to better outcomes not only for newcomers, but for cities themselves.