August 18, 2011

Finding Substance in Every Resumé

It is debatable whether there is a “Canadian” way or template to writing a resumé. However, by and large, there is a common format with expected variability.

You can expect even greater variability with resumés from skilled immigrants. This is not a reflection of their ability to perform the job, but rather a reflection of cultural difference. For example, the norm in many cultures includes the addition of personal information.

You need to see past these types of cultural differences to find the essential information you need to make an informed screening decision. By increasing your openness to international resumés, you can reduce the chance of screening-out high potential candidates.

Competency and Credibility

An inclusive and bias-free hiring process should include assessing all candidates based on their competency and credibility.

Competency refers to training and accredited education from institutions in Canada or abroad. While some recruiters are wary of international qualifications, credential evaluation services, like World Education Services (WES), can help you evaluate degrees attained from international post-secondary institutions.

Employers should implement a policy that deliberately recognizes and values international experience, unless Canadian experience is a bona fide requirement.

Credibility refers to the demonstration of skills in real-world situations. A strong track record, even if that experience and success is gained in another country, will likely be repeated in Canada. Also, assessment and skills-specific tests can help you assess how a candidate will apply those skills in situations related to the job opening.

Additional Resources

  • Guide to Screening Resumés: This guide breaks down resumé screening into two steps to help you focus on the necessary skills you are seeking, while ensuring that you are not unintentionally eliminating candidates based on other factors.
  • Hummingbird: Read how the software company implemented a consistent hiring policy that ensures the resumé screening process is equitable for all candidates, including skilled immigrants.

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