Strategic Onboarding: A Win-Win for Everyone at your Organization

Creating a welcoming environment for new immigrant hires allows you to introduce additional professional development opportunities such as:

  • Providing specific information and training that addresses cross-cultural differences in business norms. For example, forms of address and meeting customs.
  • Offering  internal mentoring, perhaps with a member who shares new employee’s cultural background. With an ally who understands their situation better, the new hire may adapt much more quickly. Mentoring is also a good way for existing staff to gain cross-cultural competencies.

These practices can strengthen your entire organization.

Need help with onboarding new hires? Visit the Roadmap where you can find success stories of companies implementing these practices along with resources and tools to help you succeed.

The Roadmap provides strategies and techniques to strengthen your human resource practices so your organization can recruit and integrate skilled immigrants more successfully.

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