Finding the right balance

On a recent episode of TVO’s The Agenda, an engineer talked about how finding the right mix of domestic and international skills can help Canadian businesses thrive:

“Our firm hires engineers who were born here and who are new citizens. We look for the best talent… Our business would close if we can’t find a balance between engineers with domestic experience and international experience.”

Many engineering firms are benefiting from the skills and experience that skilled immigrants bring. For example:

  • Teshmont Consultants has relied on skilled immigrant talent for hard-to-find skills and experience. The firm provides ongoing development to help immigrants progress in their careers and become part of the company’s leadership talent pool.
  • When recruiting, Husky Injection Moulding Systems identifies the abilities, experience, and education of candidates, regardless of their country of origin. Candidates are never turned down due to a lack of Canadian work experience.

To learn more about how Husky changed its recruitment strategy to include skilled immigrants, listen to the webinar Planning and Sourcing to Reach Your Company’s Full Potential.