Religious Accommodation Improves Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

While creating and implementing a religious accommodation policy is essential to meeting legal requirements, it also serves to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

In our recent webinar on religious accommodation we learned:

  • Each Canadian province and territory has human rights legislation that covers religion as a protected ground. When an employee’s religious belief or practice comes into conflict with a rule or standard of the company, for example dress code
    or hours of work, an employer must accommodate to the point of undue hardship.
  • By developing and implementing a religious accommodation policy, a company signals that it is welcoming to all employees. It creates a climate of equal opportunity and respect for diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Procedures on how to accommodate a request should be clearly stated in a religious accommodation policy. Carefully consider who will review the request to ensure an objective evaluation is conducted.
  • There is a no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to religious accommodation. What may work in one circumstance may not in another. The policy should emphasize that it is a collaborative process between the employer and employee, and that both parties should be flexible and creative in reaching a solution.

Watch the webinar to  learn more about accommodating religious diversity in the workplace.