Recruiting for Success

Ensuring you have a large pool of qualified candidates to choose from is one of the most critical steps in your hiring process. You cannot build a relationships with, receive referrals for, network with, or hire individuals you have not found in the first place.

To better recruit and retain internationally-educated professionals you need to tap into various sources to ensure you are reaching the best candidates.

logo: Mount Sinai hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto has done this by:

      • Offering skilled immigrants the opportunity to get to know the hospital before hiring them, either through work placements, job shadowing or mentoring;
      • Partnering with bridging programs to find skilled international talent who have already upgraded their education and training to meet Canadian requirements;
      • Connecting with mentoring programs for additional access to internationally trained professionals, providing professional development for staff and recruitment opportunities for immigrants.

To learn more about Mount Sinai Hospital’s techniques read their success story.