Overcoming Biases to Succeed

Hidden biases affect decision-making in the workplace. Biases about physical characteristics, personalities and experiences can directly affect hiring, promotions, performance evaluations and much more.

It is possible to mitigate their effects by being honest with yourself and identifying and
owning the biases we may have.

Here are some tips from the EY/RBC report Outsmarting our brains:

  • Prepare for interviews by creating clearly defined and measurable criteria which all candidates will be evaluated on;
  • Once hired, recognize employees’ varied backgrounds, experiences, skills and competencies and help prepare them to take on challenging assignments; and
  • Create a culture of creativity, innovation and diversity of thought in your company by encouraging staff to participate in different employee affinity groups.


Look out for Hidden ‘Mediterranean’ Noses
Dr. Mahzarin Banaji of Harvard University explains that we often underestimate the degree of influence our unconscious biases have on decision-making.