Onboarding Boosts Success for New Hires

Once you’ve hired a skilled immigrant, a thorough onboarding process that introduces them to your workplace culture and sets expectations will help increase retention and productivity.

Ann Vanderbijl, head of the Diversity Services Department at Providence Health Care in Vancouver, has the following advice for organizations on how to adapt onboarding programs to meet the needs of skilled immigrants:

  • Give them the opportunity to participate in extended “shadow” shifts and mentoring to gain confidence and a better understanding of the Canadian workplace.
  • Provide a longer orientation period so they can gather extra information about the ins and outs of the organization’s specific culture and procedures.

To learn more about creating an effective onboarding and orientation process for skilled immigrants, sign up for a free webinar on October 26.

To learn more about Providence Health Care’s onboarding program, as well as their internships for internationally educated nurses, read this Success Story.