Hamburg Targets Global Talent

In 2006, the City of Hamburg changed its recruitment strategy to increase diversity among staff and better represent the city’s changing demographics.

Stefan Müller, Head of the City of Hamburg’s Centre for Education and Training, has the following advice for organizations looking to find more diverse candidates:

  • Launch a public recruitment campaign targeting cultural communities across the city. This helps communicate the value of diversity to the entire population, including other employers.
  • Emphasize cultural competencies by including intercultural knowledge as well as “culture-open” components in screening tests during the selection process.
  • Target new networks such as immigrant and cultural organizations.

To learn more about how city governments in Hamburg and Copenhagen are developing effective recruitment strategies, as well as pursuing other means to become more inclusive, sign up for a free Cities of Migration webinar on November 23.

To learn more about the City of Hamburg’s recruitment strategy, read this good idea at the Cities of Migration website.