Mentoring Delivers the Goods – for Your Employees and Your Company!

The evidence is in – mentoring skilled immigrants works and can benefit your company’s performance.

According to a new ALLIES-Accenture report:

  • 65% of mentees were employed 12 months after they began their mentoring relationships;
  • 3 in 4 mentees found work in their field; and
  • Mentees improved  their economic standing – full-time earnings improved by 62% one year after their mentoring relationship.

What’s more, by mentoring newcomers, your employees gain essential cross-cultural communications and coaching skills. Your employees may even mentor someone with exceptional talent that might be ideal for your company. Mentoring is a win-win-win – it is a professional development opportunity for the mentor, it assists the mentee find work, and it helps your company connect with new talent.

Learn more about the results of the report and how your company can benefit from mentoring skilled immigrants by listening to the webinar recording.

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