Four Easy Ways for HR professionals to Better Integrate Immigrant Talent

In a HR Professional magazine article, Michael Bach, National leader of diversity at KPMG Canada, provides four tips that HR professionals can use to make the hiring process easier to  integrate skilled immigrants into the Canadian workforce:

1. Prepare your talent attraction team: Talent attraction or recruiting is the front line when it comes to talent sourcing and they must be willing and able to tap into the skilled immigrant talent pool.

2. Get in-the-know on education: If you or your hiring managers don’t recognize the value of foreign education, you may be excluding talent outright, which is, ultimately, a missed opportunity. There are services available that will evaluate and provide an equivalency of a person’s educational experience.

3. Educate yourself and your people: Hiring skilled immigrants is a great step but if your workplace isn’t inclusive, you might be hiring them into a hostile work environment. Make sure your people understand that your organization is putting specific focus on skilled immigrants.

4. Mentor a new Canadian: There are many mentoring programs for skilled immigrants across Canada and they are always in need of mentors. By mentoring newcomers, your employees gain essential cross-cultural communications and coaching skills. You’re not there to find them a job but there’s a chance you’ll mentor someone with exceptional talent that might be perfect for your company.

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