Employer bridges licensing gap for health professionals

In regulated professions, the lack of a Canadian license can prevent skilled immigrants from being hired into the jobs for which they are trained. It can even be hard for employers to navigate the system.

Saskatoon Health Region, one of the 2012 Best Employers for New Canadians, has decided that the hard work is worth it. The health region hires internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) into non-regulated jobs. They then work with them one-on-one to obtain Canadian licensure so the IEHPs can work in their trained professions.

In the video below, Allison Laughren, Workforce Planning Consultant and Provincial Lead for the “Pathways: IEHP Support, Bridging and Integration” program, talks about how she helps IEHPs become licensed in Canada. She:

  • Identifies the gaps between foreign credentials and Canadian requirements
  • Offers tuition support
  • Actively helps them navigate the licensing system

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