Chaplaincy Supports Employee Morale

It is often difficult to separate personal difficulties from the workplace. This can be especially challenging for newcomers to Canada who are adapting to a new environment and culture.

All Weather Windows

At All Weather Windows, a corporate chaplaincy program connects employees with a non-denominational chaplain who can support them as they deal with their challenges. The result for the company: a more engaged workforce, lower turnover, and higher productivity.

Here are two tips to start your own company’s chaplaincy:

  1. To ensure the diverse religious and cultural needs of your workforce are met in an equitable manner, send a clear message that the company sees all its staff as individuals and as valuable employees.
  2. Provide onsite counselling to employees so they have  someone to talk to who can help alleviate their problems. Early intervention can help employees remain productive and creates a healthier workplace for all.

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