Buddy Programs Help Newcomers Integrate Faster

Buddy programs go beyond an organization’s formal orientation programs. They provide customized support to help new employees quickly integrate into the organization.

At fast-growing Pythian in Ottawa, where every third employee is in their first year with the company and many are newcomers to Canada, the buddy program is essential to helping these new hires learn the company’s culture and processes, says Paul Vallée, the company’s Founder and Executive Chairman.

To ensure the buddy program is most effective, the company pairs each new employee with a carefully chosen established employee, he explains.

The ideal buddy should have:

  • joined the company in the past few years and remember what it’s like to be a new employee finding his or her way.
  • some characteristics in common with the new hire — cultural or professional.

Learn more about Pythian’s buddy program and its benefits in the video below.

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