Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace

On Wednesday, February 15, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. EST join us for a free webinar on how to accommodate religious practices in the workplace. Hear how employers are approaching
this issue and are benefiting through improved employee satisfaction and productivity. Find out what your legal duties are and how you can implement practical strategies in your workplace from our expert panel: Dave McKechnie, McMillan, Irit Kelman, Mount Sinai Hospital  and Debbie Pawelczyk, RBC. The webinar is hosted by diversity specialist Rhonda Singer.

Watch the webinar

For a preview, watch this video which demonstrates two scenarios 1) the employer fails to understand their legal duty to accommodate religious observances and needs 2) the employer understands and implements reasonable accommodation. You will learn that:

  • Where a rule conflicts with religious requirements, there is a duty to ensure that individuals are able to observe their religion, unless this would cause undue hardship because of cost, or health and safety reasons.
  • Both the people responsible for providing the accommodation and the person requesting it have rights and responsibilities.

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