Brokering Success for New Canadians (Employer eTip)

Learn how governments can “broker success” in the job market for newcomers.

Boosting Employment in the Public Sector (Employer eTip)

Learn how governments can tap into immigrant talent.

Smart business: Two ideas to tap into newcomer markets (Employer eTip)

To boost a company’s productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

3M Managers Walk in the Shoes of Newcomers (Employer eTip)

3M’s Sarah Tattersall recommends a language exercise to help managers better understand the experience of skilled immigrant employees.

Enbridge Lays Down the Pipelines for Immigrant Talent to Succeed (Employer eTip)

Creating a welcoming workplace strengthens an organization as a whole.

Chaplaincy Supports Employee Morale (Employer eTip)

Program results in a more engaged workforce, lower turnover and higher productivity.

Three Ideas to Gain a Competitive Edge this Summer (Employer eTip)

Reflect on what some companies are doing to attract and retain the best talent.

Three Steps to Start a Successful Employee Resource Group (Employer eTip)

Groups foster personal and professional development.

Overcoming Biases to Succeed (Employer eTip)

Tips to minimize the negative impacts of hidden biases in managing immigrant talent.

Adding Value to Paid Internships (Employer eTip)

Providing added-value supports to an intern’s experience benefits everyone.

Smart Incentives to Retain Immigrant Talent (Employer eTip)

Learn more about Teshmont’s innovative approaches and how you can apply them to your own company.

Making Paid Internships Work For You (Employer eTip)

If you are considering hiring paid interns, keep in mind the following ideas.

Low Risk, Big Return: Using Paid Internships to Recruit Skilled Immigrant Talent (Employer eTip)

Learn how internships for skilled immigrants can help with immediate staffing needs.

Turning Cultural Differences into an Advantage (Employer eTip)

Tips on how to overcome the risks of linking workplace challenges to culture.

Developing Managerial Expertise (Employer eTip)

Learn how to support new immigrants as they progress into a managerial role.

Religious Accommodation Improves Employee Satisfaction and Productivity (Employer eTip)

Understand how to create and implement a religious accommodation policy in your workplace to meet legal requirements and also to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Effectively Managing Religious Accommodation in the Workplace (Employer eTip)

Employers have a legal mandate to accommodate religious practices and observances in the workplace, but they should also see it as good human resource management.

Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace (Employer eTip)

An employer has a legal duty to accommodate religious observances and needs of their employees and implement reasonable accommodation.

Sourcing Talent from Overseas: Canada’s New Proposal (Employer eTip)

Learn more about the changes to Canada’s immigrant selection system and how it may affect your company’s human resources strategy.

Expression of Interest – What Employers Need to Know (Employer eTip)

The proposed Expression of Interest model is still be finalized but read more to find how what we know so far.

Expression of Interest: Canada’s Proposal to Recruit Immigrant Talent – Implications for Employers (Employer eTip)

Learn more about the changes to Canada’s immigrant selection system and how it may affect your company’s human resources strategy.

Helping New Hires Reach Their Full Potential (Employer eTip)

Onboarding is more than the introduction of policies and procedures. It’s the starting point for a potentially fruitful journey for a new hire and an organization.

Delivering Effective Feedback (Employer eTip)

Newcomers from diverse cultures often perceive feedback very differently. Managers need to be aware of the potential for misunderstanding.

Understand Your Workforce and Gain a Competitive Advantage (Employer eTip)

Voluntary form allows the utility company to better understand immigrant workforce.

Bias-Free Assessment and Hiring: Measuring a Candidate’s Ability to Succeed in the Workplace (Employer eTip)

Learn how you can implement effective hiring practices that discounts “Canadian experience.

How to Make Your Hiring Practices Bias-Free: Removing the Canadian Experience Barrier (Employer eTip)

Employers and regulatory bodies should follow these practices to improve their overall hiring practices.

Bias-free Hiring and Assessment: Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier (Employer eTip)

The new Ontario Human Rights Commission policy states that requiring “Canadian experience” could violate the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Bringing out the Best in Your Immigrant Employees (Employer eTip)

What can you do when you hire an internationally educated professional who has the right skills, degree, and workplace experience, but who under performs without explanation?

How Do You Source Talent Faster? (Employer eTip)

By watching this webinar you can find out find the best talent.

How Can You Recruit Diverse Talent More Effectively? (Employer eTip)

Three tips to help you find the right person for the job and find out more in a free webinar.

Expand Your Reach to Find the Right Talent (Employer eTip)

Market job openings to organizations that work directly with skilled immigrants.

Practical Ways for an Employer to Maximize International Talent (Employer eTip)

Internships, mentoring and participating in networking and recruitment events are just some of the ways you can leverage immigrant talent.

Building a Team to Reflect Your Market (Employer eTip)

The City of Saskatoon realizes that it is important for its workforce to reflect the population it serves to capitalize on economic and civic opportunities.

Unlocking your Employees Performance Potential (Employer eTip)

Providing development and promotion opportunities can maximize the skills and experience of immigrant talent and ultimately increase your company’s growth and innovation.

Recruiting for Success (Employer eTip)

To better recruit and retain internationally-educated professionals you need to tap into various sources to ensure you are reaching the best candidates.

Mentoring Delivers the Goods – for Your Employees and Your Company! (Employer eTip)

The evidence is in – mentoring skilled immigrants works and can benefit your company’s performance.

The Results Are in – Mentoring Skilled Immigrants Works! (Employer eTip)

Mentoring has proven to be one of the most successful strategies to assist newcomers find suitable employment.

Talking the Same Language for an Effective Performance Review (Employer eTip)

Cultural differences can influence the effectiveness of performance feedback in a diverse workplace.

Four Easy Ways for HR professionals to Better Integrate Immigrant Talent (Employer eTip)

Michael Bach from KPMG Canada provides four tips that HR professionals can use to make the hiring process easier to integrate skilled immigrants into the Canadian workforce.

Moving from Diversity to Inclusion (Employer eTip)

To stay competitive, Syncrude has long realized it needs to have the most talented workforce in the field and to create an inclusive working environment for their staff to thrive.

Strategic Onboarding: A Win-Win for Everyone at your Organization (Employer eTip)

Creating a welcoming environment for new immigrant hires allows you to introduce additional professional development opportunities.

How Do You Find Immigrant Talent? (Employer eTip)

Canada’s immigration system is changing rapidly. These changes will affect the future labour pool and who you hire. One thing that will remain the same in hiring practices is looking at the ready and available talent pool here in Canada.

Unpacking Changes to Immigration Policy – How They Affect the Future Labour Pool (Employer eTip)

Among others, the federal government has made or proposed the following changes to the Canadian immigration system that could affect the future labour pool.

Canada’s Changing Immigration Policies – What Employers Need to Know (Employer eTip)

Learn more about the changes to Canada’s immigration system and how they may affect your company’s human resources strategy.

Check Your Cultural Biases at the Door to Uncover a Candidate’s True Capabilities (Employer eTip)

Your own unconscious cultural biases can have a major impact when conducting interviews. Understanding these biases and cultural differences in communication will help you evaluate skilled immigrant candidates more objectively

Think Outside the Box to Find Immigrant Talent (Employer eTip)

Leading employers know that finding skilled immigrant candidates is not as easy as putting up an ad on the organization’s website. Employers need to branch out and be creative to ensure they are tapping into the broadest talent pool possible.

Hire Immigrants: Opportunity Knocks for the Non-profit Sector! (Employer eTip)

The HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector’s recent report, Opportunity Knocks! How Nonprofit Employers Build a Workforce that Includes New Canadians, tells you why you need to take action, and gives you 5 starting points.

Hiring Skilled Immigrants – A Sound Business Decision (Employer eTip)

Business leaders from both large and small companies identify several key reasons why they hire skilled immigrants.

Internships + Mentoring = Success (Employer eTip)

To make an internship a win-win for both the organization and the intern, follow these tips.

Deloitte’s three ideas to boost immigrant success (Employer eTip)

Immigrants are a growing talent pool and Deloitte knows that tapping into their potential is essential to any organization’s success. Find out more about Deloitte’s strategies.

Buddy Programs Help Newcomers Integrate Faster (Employer eTip)

Paul Vallée, Founder and Executive Chairman of Pythian, talks about how to create a successful buddy program for new hires.

Dos and don’ts of interview questions (Employer eTip)

Under human rights laws in Canada, questions about a job candidate’s immigration status and country of origin are discriminatory. Find out what you can ask about a candidate’s eligibility to work in Canada and when you can ask it.

3 Ways to Prepare Skilled Immigrants for Promotion (Employer eTip)

Three ways managers can be proactive and encourage all employees, including skilled immigrants, to apply for promotions.

Employer bridges licensing gap for health professionals (Employer eTip)

Allison Laughren, Workforce Planning Consultant at the Region, talks about how she supports internationally educated health professionals achieve Canadian licensure.

Employers can show the way (Employer eTip)

Craig Alexander, Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist at TD Economics, talks about how profitable businesses will be those that effectively integrate newcomers into the workplace and help them succeed.

Doing More With Less (Employer eTip)

Four cost-effective ways to connect with skilled immigrants.

New ways to connect with immigrant talent (Employer eTip)

Deanna Matzanke, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Scotiabank, offers three ways to connect with, and benefit from, professional immigrant networks.

Mentoring is a Two-Way Street (Employer eTip)

What do you get when you mentor? You gain a surprising insight into how to do your own job better.

3M Managers Walk in Shoes of Newcomers (Employer eTip)

3M’s Sarah Tattersall recommends a language exercise to help managers better understand the experience of skilled immigrant employees.

Unlocking Immigrant Potential (Employer eTip)

Jane Allen, Partner and Chief Diversity Officer at Deloitte, says employers can better tap into immigrant talent in three ways.

Hamburg Targets Global Talent (Employer eTip)

Stefan Müller, Head of the City of Hamburg’s Centre for Education and Training, has three tips for organizations looking to find more diverse candidates.

Maximizing Cross-Cultural Teamwork (Employer eTip)

Three tips to minimize misunderstandings that can arise from cultural differences.

Onboarding Boosts Success for New Hires (Employer eTip)

Providence Health Care in Vancouver shares tips for organizations on how to adapt onboarding programs to meet the needs of skilled immigrants.

Finding the right balance (Employer eTip)

Engineering firms offer advice on how finding the right mix of domestic and international skills can help Canadian businesses thrive.

Get the Right Candidate for the Right Job (Employer eTip)

The City of Calgary shares tips on how to ensure candidates are a good fit for jobs.

The ABCs of Safety (Employer eTip)

BC Hydro shares tips to make language training as successful as possible.