July 2, 2011

Becoming a Champion

You recognize the value of skilled immigrant talent and have processes in place to recruit, integrate and retain these employees. There are three ways to get more involved in promoting immigrant employment, share your stories to help other employers and expand your programs across the country.

Become a National Partner

What do Canadian Pacific, Deloitte and Scotiabank have in common? They are three of ALLIES’ 13 National Partners.

Across the country ALLIES National Partners are breaking new ground in diversity and workplace innovation to employ skilled immigrants. These partners have identified local leadership in their organizations to participate and engage in the work of immigrant employment councils.

From sitting on the board of an IEC, participating in a mentoring program or sponsoring an award program these national partners are making a difference in the lives of skilled immigrants.

These activities will allow your organization to inform the discussion about the advantages of hiring skilled immigrants, create opportunities for media coverage and raise your profile as a good corporate citizen and employer of choice.

Find out how to become a National Partner

Share Your Success Story

Sharing the story of how you recruit, integrate and retain skilled immigrants will show other organizations how easy it is to put these practices into place, benefiting the organization and the community. Your practices don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, sometimes the simplest initiatives are the most effective. By contributing your story, you will add to the collection of promising practices and you might even find a few new ones from other Champions to try for yourself.

Most recent Success Story:

City of Montreal’s Internships Give Newcomers First ‘Canadian’ Experience
Program helps newcomers integrate into Quebec workforce through on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching.

Share your story

Join the National Mentoring Initiative

The ALLIES National Mentoring Initiative supports employers in launching mentoring programs in multiple cities. Taking a mentoring program national has many benefits for a company. It ensures all employees, regardless of location, can access mentoring and reap the benefits of being volunteer mentors. It also ensures the company is consistently reaching out to diverse talent pools, wherever they may be.

The ALLIES National Mentoring Initiative provides the employer with access to mentoring programs with common core criteria while respecting local realities and establishes mentoring as a successful method for employers to participate in skilled immigrant integration across Canada.

Join the National Mentoring Initiative

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