Why Hire Skilled Immigrants

Use this workshop to help you involve key strategy influencers of your organization in recognizing the value that skilled immigrants bring to the Canadian workforce.

The PowerPoint presentation will promote discussion of business drivers and analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs) to determine if, when and how your organization can benefit from skilled immigrants.

Workshop: Why Hire Skilled Immigrants?

Assessing the Recruiting Process

This workshop will help you use team brainstorming, exercises and discussion to take an in-depth look at the processes you use to source, recruit and hire employees.

The PowerPoint presentation will help you discover where in your process you are potentially screening out skilled immigrant candidates and collaborate on action plans to remove those barriers.

Workshop: Assessing the Recruiting Process

Creating Metrics

Everyone knows what gets measured gets managed. The objective of this workshop is to help you and your organization to fully understand how and where skilled immigrants contribute to the workforce and to track the progress of your results.

This PowerPoint presentation will help you identify the results you should measure, the benchmarks you should establish, the responsible stakeholders and your definition of success as it relates to hiring and retaining skilled immigrants.

Workshop: Creating Metrics

Workplace Scenarios — Winning with World Class Talent

Use this workshop to facilitate an open-minded discussion to understand and overcome common barriers to hiring and developing skilled immigrants.

The PowerPoint presentation will help you examine alternate approaches and solutions and learn to accommodate differences by focusing on skills, talents and contributions.

Workshop: Workplace Secnarios — Winning with World Class Talent

Stakeholder Assessment

This workshop has been developed to help you identify who in your organization has, or should have, a stake in examining and increasing the value that skilled immigrants bring you workforce.

Use this PowerPoint presentation to rally a group session to guide your organization in understanding who the key influencers are in hiring skilled immigrants, where they stand on the topic and how their energy can best be channelled to positive outcomes.

Workshop: Stakeholder Assessment