August 18, 2011

Skilled Immigrants Help Canadian Companies Do Business with the World

Global trade is rising. Nations such as China and India are increasing their economic global footprint. Today global buyers interact with global suppliers.

Canadian companies no longer compete only with neighbourhood industries in local markets — they must respond to worldwide demands and source international talent.

In particular, employers who service the needs of international trade operations will feel the pressures of the new world economy.

Building more international networks, increasing diversity awareness and improving relationships with global suppliers are all essential for maintaining a global competitive advantage.

Skilled immigrants can contribute international skills, experience, and languages to the benefit of an organization and aid with its global goals.

Local markets are changing

Major Canadian cities have seen an influx of immigrants over the past several years. To gain access to these potential consumers, companies are faced with the challenge and opportunity of building networks and relationships with customers of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Skilled immigrants may prove to be valuable resources for understanding product and service needs in ethno-specific markets. They may also provide a competitive advantage by improving networks and relationships, by speaking a variety of languages and by adding diverse perspectives, experiences and skills sets to the workforce.

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