2013 RBC Diversity and Inclusion Report (Employer Report)

May 21, 2014

In this report, RBC highlights their overall story of diversity and inclusion and how it creates prosperity for their clients, employees, shareholders and communities.

RBC 2012 Employment Equity Report (Employer Report)

September 1, 2013

This RBC report outlines the banks’s employment equity initiatives and includes highlights on how they have engaged in recruiting and managing immigrant talent.

RBC 2012 Diversity and Inclusion Report (Employer Report)

February 1, 2013

In this report, RBC highlights the ways in which diversity makes the bank stronger – for their clients, communities, and employees.

RBC Diversity Blueprint 2012-2015 (Employer Report)

February 1, 2013

RBC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are guided by the RBC Diversity Blueprint, which outlines enterprise priorities and objectives.

Outsmarting Our Brains: Overcoming Hidden Biases to Harness Diversity’s True Potential (Employer Report)

November 15, 2013

Business leaders need to overcome their hidden biases to be more competitive.

Immigrant Labour Market Outcomes in Canada: The Benefits of Addressing Wage and Employment Gaps (Employer Report)

December 19, 2011

This RBC report finds immigrant wage and employment gaps have widened. Skilled immigrants’ incomes could increase by as much as $30 billion if they were paid like Canadian-born workers.