Importing and Exporting

For immigrant entrepreneurs with international connections, the idea of moving into importing and exporting may seem natural. Importing/exporting is one way to increase sales and grow your business. The rewards can be great, but it is not without risks and you must also become aware of the laws and regulations governing international trade.

Here are some resources to guide you:

  • Canada Border Service Agency’s Step-by-Step Guide to Importing Commercial Goods into Canada. Tailored to meet the border and trade information needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), these resources will help SMEs comply with CBSA requirements.
  • Export Development Canada. Export Development Canada provides insurance packages and financing for exporters.
  • Government of Canada’s Canada Business Network. Discover the basics of doing business in other countries. Whether you’re exporting, importing, or investing abroad, learn how to take part in these international trade activities.
  • Government of Canada’s Canadian Intellectual Property Office. A step-by-step guide to protecting intellectual property (IP) assets.

This is intended as general information only and is not to be relied upon as constituting legal or other professional advice.