Why Hiring Immigrants Is Good for Your Business

Innovation, access to global markets, diverse languages and critical skills are among the top 10 reasons small and medium-sized enterprises should hire skilled immigrants.

ALLIES recently published a new report, Global Talent for SMEs: Building Bridges and Making Connections, highlighting the findings of a year-long study of new, innovative and promising initiatives that can help connect small and medium-sized enterprises with skilled immigrants.

The report identifies 10 reasons why hiring immigrants is good for your business:

  • Skilled immigrants boost innovation by bringing new perspectives to your business. Diverse experiences and approaches improve problem-solving and can bring fresh new ideas to your team.
  • Skilled immigrants can help you access global markets. Many immigrants speak other languages and have lived and worked outside of North America. Their knowledge of international business practices can help you do business and build relationships around the world.
  • Skilled immigrants give you insight into local ethnic markets. Nearly 1 in 5 Canadians are immigrants – in Calgary it’s almost 1 in 4, and nearly half of all Toronto residents were born outside of Canada. Skilled immigrant employees can help you serve these large – and growing – markets.
  • Skilled immigrants speak English or French and can communicate with your team and your clients. More than 90% of recent, working age immigrants speak English, French, or both.
  • Skilled immigrants are well-educated. More than 35% of recent immigrants have a Bachelor’s or higher degree.
  • Skilled immigrants can fill difficult-to-fill positions. They arrive in Canada with high levels of education and work experience. Recent immigrants make up 7% of our national workforce. In Calgary, nearly 10%, and in Toronto almost 20% of the workforce are recent immigrants.
  • Skilled immigrants are flexible and adaptable. They have recognized an opportunity for a new life in Canada and seized it. They can do the same for your business.
  • Skilled immigrants are loyal employees. Keeping good employees is a challenge for many small businesses. Employers report that when employed at the right level for their education and experience, skilled immigrant employees are very loyal.
  • Skilled immigrants are all around you, and they’re easy to hire. Contact your local immigrant employment council to find local skilled immigrants who want to work for you. Visit hireimmigrants.ca for tips and tools on hiring, integrating, and retaining top immigrant talent.
  • Having a diverse workforce enhances your business and makes you an employer of choice. Annual awards such as the national Best Employers for New Canadians, and many local awards recognize the good work that employers do to capitalize on skilled immigrant talent.

Read the full report.

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