TalentNet: Develop Inclusive Talent Management Competencies

Immigrant employees are often overlooked and undervalued, resulting in costly turnover. Managers must be able to recognize talent and facilitate social capital for employee retention.

TalentNet is a free, immersive learning game that helps players learn about effective management practices for employee engagement and development in a multicultural workplace.

You will learn how your own cultural orientation affects your perceptions and expectations without your being aware of it.

When you start TalentNet, you will be a new manager of a multicultural team. You will want to develop the ability to recognize the competencies of the employees, and to ensure that they feel engaged and are productive.

Widening your cultural lens will make it easier for you to help them adapt to your organization’s culture, and at the same time, allow you to tap into their competencies and abilities, insuring maximum organizational capacity.

You will learn how to develop develop inclusive talent management competencies for employee engagement, performance appraisal, and identification of high potential employees.

Play the game.