The Value of Diverse Languages and Cultures

Some employers assume skilled immigrants may not have the communication skills necessary to work in their companies, while some immigrants believe that employers seek communication skills beyond what is essential for the position.

Accents may distract from a skilled immigrant’s excellent English or French language skills, and their lack of awareness of Canada-specific technical terms could place them at a disadvantage.

But employers who hire skilled immigrants who are able to communicate effectively in more than one language enhance their business edge within changing local markets and growing international markets.

Similarly, organizations can benefit from including a diversity of cultural perspectives in their workplaces.

Rather than assuming skilled immigrants lack an understanding of Canadian business norms, or simply don’t know the “Canadian way,” smart employers realize skilled immigrants can provide companies with a competitive edge by using their knowledge and experience to serve diverse local and international markets.

And there are local resources employers can access to help acclimatize immigrants to the Canadian workplace or improve their English.