The Local Market is Changing (Article)

As immigration increases, companies are faced with the challenge of building networks and relationships with customers of diverse cultures. Skilled immigrants may prove to be valuable resources for understanding product and service needs in ethno-specific markets.

Larger Talent Pool (Article)

Employers who ensure their planning and sourcing strategies reach skilled immigrant communities expand their opportunities to source the best talent.

Cross-Cultural Interviewing Tips and Tools (Article)

Skilled immigrants come from many different cultures and backgrounds. Learn about common cultural behaviours and download tools to help you better screen and interview skilled immigrants.

The Value of Diverse Languages and Cultures (Article)

Employees from different cultures and who speak different languages help employers tap into diverse local and international markets.

Recognizing the Value of International Credentials (Article)

An organization that can recognize the transferability of a skilled immigrant’s training and education can gain a competitive edge.

Setting Expectations Goes a Long Way (Article)

Set expectations, including job responsibilities, duties and talent development right from the beginning to ensure a new hire’s success.

Make Mentoring Part of New Employee Orientation (Article)

Consider developing an internal mentoring program to support new employees, including skilled immigrants, in their adjustment to the workplace.

Providing an Equitable Offer (Article)

Misaligned salary expectations between employers and skilled immigrants can lead to job dissatisfaction and employee turnover.

Reducing Bias (Article)

Personal biases can unwittingly creep into an interview but there are ways to reduce this risk.

Coordinating or Conducting Interviews by Phone (Article)

When arranging or conducting an interview with a skilled immigrant by phone, there are even greater opportunities for cross-cultural differences to lead to misunderstanding.

Enhance Retention Through Promotion and Recognition (Article)

Many Canadian employers are used to employees taking charge of their own career development but in many cultures, it is customary for employees to wait for an invitation for promotion.

Addressing Poor Performance (Article)

Addressing poor performance gives employees opportunities for growth.

Specialized Language Training (Article)

Language training can help skilled immigrant employees contribute more to your organization.