Regular Two-Way Feedback Boosts Employee Performance

Effective employee performance management is essential to ensuring all employees, including skilled immigrants, are performing at their best.

The first step is to ensure your performance management policy has clear guidelines to address all employees’ performance, including skilled immigrants.

Performance appraisals are an integral part of any performance management program. These appraisals are opportunities to provide constructive feedback and are essential to managing performance. For skilled immigrants, this feedback should demonstrate how they can progress in their position and gain new skills.

While annual performance appraisals are important, you shouldn’t wait until then to give employees feedback on their performance. Instead, incorporate two-way feedback into daily operations and ensure positive and constructive feedback is a natural and frequent aspect of the work environment.

This may be difficult for members of some cultures who are not accustomed to providing critical feedback to management, whether actual or perceived. And be sensitive to differences in employee attitudes, perceptions, experience and culture so you can position your feedback as effectively as possible.

Ultimately, the purpose of giving feedback is to direct behaviour, motivate employees and improve performance, not to comment on personality or style.

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