Get Help With International Educational Credentials

Many employers cite the time spent on validating international credentials as a deterrent for considering skilled immigrant candidates for employment opportunities. Fortunately, there are several service providers ready to help and steps you can take.

You can work with organizations providing pre-screening and credential assessment services and have them evaluate candidates’ credentials.

You can also ask that applicants verify their international credentials before applying. To help them, link your organization’s careers webpage to credential assessment services such as World Education Services (WES). Doing this will remove this barrier and give you access to a wider pool of qualified talent.

At CIBC, for example, candidates who present an original WES evaluation report do not need to undergo additional international education verification checks through CIBC’s pre-employment screening process.

The Local Resources section has links to local services that can help you find credential evaluation services in your area. And the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials has a list of agencies and organizations that provide credential evaluation, assessment and qualification recognition services.

Regulated Professions

In regulated professions where licensure is required, consider hiring skilled immigrants at an associate level until their licensure requirements are met and they can be employed fully at the appropriate level.

The Ontario government created career maps to describe the steps skilled immigrant employees can take to obtain license and certification. Licensure varies from province to province so if you are located outside of Ontario, the process and requirement may be different.