Tap Into the Right Markets

To ensure skilled immigrants are applying for jobs at your organization, you need to market recruitment opportunities directly to them.

One way to do so is to post employment opportunities with ethno-specific professional associations in your community, such as Professional Immigrant Networks, or with Skills International — an online database of skilled immigrant talent where you can create a free employer profile, post employment opportunities and search talent directly.

Bridging programs are another source of job-ready, pre-screened immigrant talent. These programs prepare skilled immigrants for entry into specific industries and occupations. The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) has two programs that prepare internationally educated ICT professionals for employment in Canada: Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) and Coaching to Career.

The Local Resources section has links to local services that can help you find other bridging programs in your area.

Internships are a low-risk way for employers to find out if a skilled immigrant has the right skills and experience for the job. And they have the added benefit of providing the interns with Canadian experience. The Local Resources section has links to local services that can help you find internship programs in your area.

For example, the Career Bridge paid internship program provides employers with access to a highly qualified talent pool of internationally qualified professionals who have been in Canada less than three years and have been pre-screened for the following:

  • legal entitlement to work in Canada;
  • Canadian educational equivalency; and
  • English language business communication skills.

The internships are mid-level professional positions that last four, six, nine or 12 months and are ideal for project management, contingency staffing and screening potential permanent hires.

Current employees and their networks are also a source of talent. Encourage immigrants in your organization to help you with recruitment efforts and reward them for successful hires with a referral bonus.

You can read Success Stories of how American Express Canada and Duke Energy tapped into immigrant networks to recruit and retain skilled immigrant candidates.

Additional Resources:

  • Recruitment Sources: A list of various sources of skilled immigrant talent, including community agencies, churches and schools.