Building Leaders’ Cross-Cultural Competencies

Once you have the support of senior leaders to hire and integrate skilled immigrants, there are particular tasks they can undertake the build their own cross-cultural competencies as well as those of staff. This will help create an inclusive workplace that will attract and retain skilled immigrant talent.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Participating in cross-cultural competence training.
  • Identifying the building of cross-cultural competencies as an organization-wide goal that meets specific and defined business objectives.
  • Sponsoring initiatives (internal and external) related to hiring, mentoring, promoting and retaining skilled immigrants, such as embedding objectives in manager performance reviews that measure results in relation to skilled immigrants (mentoring, hiring).
  • Providing access to management, executive and board-level opportunities for skilled immigrants.
  • Creating specific initiatives to articulate and instill the value of diversity and inclusivity throughout the organization.