Why Hire Skilled Immigrants (Article)

This workshop has been developed to help your organization examine the value that skilled immigrants bring to the Canadian workforce.

Assessing the Recruiting Process (Article)

This workshop has been developed to help you examine the way the organization sources, assesses, selects, and hires employees.

Understand Career Goals and Learning Needs (Article)

Understanding the career goals, long-term ambitions and learning needs of skilled immigrant employees will help you retain these valuable employees.

Regular Two-Way Feedback Boosts Employee Performance (Article)

Regular performance appraisals and feedback improve employees’ performance but it’s important to be aware of cultural differences to ensure skilled immigrants are getting the most out of the exchange.

Human Rights Legislation Across Canada (Article)

Human rights laws prohibit employers from discriminating against employees and job candidates based on protected grounds, such as country of origin and race.

Development Opportunities Boost Engagement and Performance (Article)

Consider skills development initiatives that provide a Canadian context and help skilled immigrants grow their careers with your organization.

The Meaning and Value of Diversity (Article)

A diverse workforce fosters new ideas and boosts an organization’s success.

Understand Your Accommodation Obligations and Opportunities (Article)

Tips to help you accommodate the needs of a diverse workforce.

Creating Metrics (Article)

This workshop has been developed to help your organization analyze the value that skilled immigrants bring to your workforce.

Finding Substance in Every Resumé (Article)

Recruiters need to look past cultural differences to find the essential information needed to make an informed screening decision.

Overcoming Cross-Cultural Barriers During Interviews (Article)

Being aware of culture-based differences in communication can help you evaluate skilled immigrant candidates more objectively during the interview.

Make the Hiring Decision (Article)

Focus on objective criteria, consult other interviewers and conduct reference checks to make the hiring decision.

Get Help With International Educational Credentials (Article)

Credential assessment services can help you understand the value of international education.

Skilled Immigrants Help Canadian Companies Do Business with the World (Article)

International skills, experience and languages help local companies meet global demands.

Canadian-Born Workforce is Shrinking, Demand for Labour is Growing (Article)

The future growth of the Canadian labour market depends on skilled immigrants as baby boomers retire and birth rates fall.

Skilled Immigrants Bring Innovative and International Expertise (Article)

Immigrants are more likely to have a post-secondary education than Canadian-born workers and they bring new and different expertise to an organization, improving problem solving and boosting innovation.

Workplace Scenarios — Winning with World Class Talent (Article)

This workshop has been developed to help your organization examine a few common barriers that skilled immigrants face in accessing employment.

Stakeholder Assessment (Article)

This workshop has been developed to help you identify who in your organization has, or should have, a stake in examining and increasing the value that skilled immigrants bring to you workforce.

Quick Facts (Article)

When making the case for hiring and integrating skilled immigrants, it helps to have facts and figures to back up your argument. Use these statistics to help make your case to the decision makers in your organization.

Tap Into the Right Markets (Article)

Staffing agencies, professional networks, bridging programs and internships are all sources of skilled immigrant talent.

Orientation Helps New Employees Succeed Faster (Article)

Outlining expectations and providing cross-cultural training for new employees will strengthen your entire organization.

Use Local Employment Agencies to get Candidates Faster (Article)

Employers can leverage non-profit employment agencies to connect with skilled immigrants.

Creating an inclusive environment (Article)

An inclusive environment benefits skilled immigrants and the organization as a whole.

Understand and Evaluate Your HR Practices (Article)

To get the support of senior leaders, assess and analyze your current HR practices to see if they screen-out skilled immigrants or prevent them from advancing to senior positions.

Creating and Supporting Champions (Article)

Identify senior leaders to champion your cause and arm yourself with the business case for hiring and integrating skilled immigrants.

The Benefits of Hiring Skilled Immigrants (Article)

Benefits include representing a large proportion of the labour market, providing access to diverse local and international markets and enhancing innovation.

Building Leaders’ Cross-Cultural Competencies (Article)

Encouraging leaders to participate in tasks that build their own cross-cultural competencies, as well as those of staff, will help create an inclusive workplace for skilled immigrants.

Create an Inclusive Recruitment Strategy (Article)

A recruitment philosophy that focuses on skills, as opposed to country of origin, leads to a concrete policy that guides your organization’s recruitment efforts.