Managing a Diverse Workforce, the HR Professional Perspective (Article)

Provide ongoing development, performance feedback and recognition, as well as opportunities for advancement to boost employees’ engagement and reduce turnover.

Know Your Needs and Your Labour Force (Article)

A workforce analysis helps you understand your employment needs and guide recruitment goals.

Becoming a Champion (Article)

Share your stories and expertise to help other organizations.

Moving Forward (Article)

Find the information and tools you need to improve your recruitment and diversity management processes to ensure skilled immigrants are fully engaged and contributing to your organization.

Getting Started (Article)

The Roadmap is a step-by-step guide with comprehensive strategies and tools to enhance your company’s human resources planning and practice — from recruiting to retaining and integrating skilled immigrants.

Feuille de route pour l’ (Article)

La Feuille de route pour l’ s’agit d’un guide qui décrit pas à pas les stratégies et outils détaillés servant à améliorer la planification et la gestion des ressources humaines de votre entreprise — depuis le recrutement jusqu’au maintien en poste d’immigrants qualifiés.