Why Hire Skilled Immigrants, the Public Sector Perspective

A diverse workforce that includes skilled immigrants strengthens public sector organizations. These talented and educated individuals will help your organization be more innovative and effective and help you better serve increasingly diverse communities.

Immigrants a Solution to Talent Shortage

Across Canada, the public sector is facing a looming talent shortage as baby boomers begin retiring and there are fewer young workers to take their place.

In 2006, there were 1.9 Canadians aged 20-34 entering the work force for every person aged 55-64 leaving it, according to Statistics Canada. This is down from 2.7 replacement workers for every retiree in 2001 and 3.7 replacement workers for every retiree in 1981.

Not only can skilled immigrants make up the labour shortfall, but their skills and experiences can improve your organization’s effectiveness.

In 2006, immigrants accounted for nearly 20 per cent of Canada’s population and by 2030, nearly all net population growth will come from immigration.

Canada brings in about 250,000 immigrants per year. Of these, about 60 per cent are economic-class immigrants and their families. Economic-class immigrants are those who have been selected by Canada as best equipped to meet the needs of our economy.

Immigrants Highly Educated and Skilled

Canada is increasingly moving towards a high-skilled, knowledge economy yet not enough Canadians are graduating from programs to meet employers’ needs.

Skilled immigrants have the skills and training to fill these highly skilled jobs. In 2006, 36 per cent of immigrants aged 25 to 54 had at least a bachelor’s degree compared to just 22 per cent of their Canadian-born counterparts, according to Statistics Canada.

Along with education and training in a variety of fields, skilled immigrants possess a global perspective. Because of these skills and experiences, they increase innovation and improve decision making. They also bring an increased understanding of new multicultural populations and international issues.

Local Communities Are Changing

Just as private sector companies need to be representative of their customers to increase service and legitimacy, so do public sector organizations.

Canadian cities have seen an influx of immigration over the past several years, with minority group populations outpacing Canada’s overall population growth. Skilled immigrants can be valuable resources for understanding the needs of culturally diverse communities.

Their shared languages and cultures can help public sector organizations, from governments to hospitals to educational institutions, build networks and relationships with these communities to improve service delivery.

To learn more about the business case for hiring skilled immigrants, visit the Business Case section of the website.


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